Making the Most of a Maxi Dress

Most long dresses are not made to wear on an everyday basis, but the Maxi dress is the exception to the rule.  Maxi dresses are long informal dresses that can be floor or ankle length.  The top of the dress is form fitting, but as they move down, they are made to flow down the body.

A Maxi dress made from a lightweight material makes for a great summer look because it doesn’t clean to the body, so it is comfortable to wear whether you are going to the beach or a garden party.  They came in several styles, so you should be able to find a design you like and that you will feel good about wearing.

The History Behind the Maxi Dress

Long free-flowing dresses with colorful patterns became a hot fashion item in the 1940s among Hollywood starlets and socialites who wore “patio” or “squaw” dresses, whose patterns were inspired from Southwestern and Native American designs.  These ankle length dresses were quickly out of fashion, but the style came to the forefront again during the 1960s.  Once again, the dress was passé by the late 1970s, but the style has shown up again as the Maxi dress.

If you want to add a touch of bohemian to your wardrobe, the Maxi dress will give you a chance to revisit the 1970s by wearing a pair of sandals with a paisley patterned Maxi dress.  A floppy brim summer hat will complete the look, along with a canvas shoulder bag.

The Versatility of the Maxi Dress

The Maxi gives you the option to be causal or you can dress it up with the right pair of heels and accessories.  This dress comes in a variety of materials and styles to suit any mood and you can wear almost anywhere.  The only place it would probably look out of place is at a formal gathering.

Many designers do have Maxi dresses in their collections with a more sophisticated look, due to the material they’ve used or the styling on the top part of the dress.  A halter style top and a reserved pattern will probably get you into most formal functions, except those of a black tie nature.

The dress can be found in a number of materials, though they are usually made from cotton or polyester.  Not only is it versatile because of where it can be worn, but the dress style fits almost every type of woman.  They can be worn whether you are short or tall, thin or full-figured.

How to Fit a Maxi Dress

A tall woman is not going to have a problem wearing most maxi dresses as they tend to run to the ankle or floor in length.  For a woman who is tall, the floor length will suit her well.  While it is generally thought that a more petite woman shouldn’t wear long dresses or skirts, a shorter woman can make a Maxi work for her.

If you are an average to below average height woman, they should pick a dress where the hemline comes down to the tops of the feet.  You don’t want to select a dress with a hem that is any shorter than ankle length.  For those women who are on the petite size, you may have to have the hemline taken up just a bit to make the dress length just right for you to wear.

For plus sized women, the maxi dress can look flattering on them as well as long as the pattern, color and the top are paid close attention.  For a woman with a big bust, she should choose a Maxi with wider straps because the thinner type of strap will make her bust appear larger.  A woman who is voluptuous should choose a larger pattern or a darker color to help give the illusion of a trimmer figure.

Accessorize to Shape a Maxi Dress

Some women don’t care for Maxi dresses because they feel like they are wearing a tent with the way the dress flows down their body.  However, these ladies should look for a Maxi dress that drapes over their curves to flatter their figure.  A belt can be added to emphasize the shape of their bodies or a jacket can be worn over the top of a Maxi dress in order to give it some structure.

While sandals is a good way to dress down a Maxi, a pair of peep toe wedge heels is a good way to dress it up a little.  Along with some bangles on one arm and a pendant necklace hanging down from your neck, you can create a nice look that will get you into most parties.  Carry a clutch purse and you will be all set for an evening out on the town.